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Student Support

We hold short training modules to help you with your study, professional development and employment. The following are training modules for you to utilise in preparation of your study, professional development and future employment. (for example: writing cover letters -resume skills identification)

1. Communication Overview
2. ​How to write a cover letter 
3. Your health matters
4. Telephone Strategics  
5. All your skills 
6. How to interview for jobs 
7.How to find a job
8.How to improve your self image
9.How to update your resume
10. Smart employment for you 

MIA aims to deliver quality services to support our students. Feel free to contact our dedicated team regarding any well-being, enrollment, and study-related issues at 1300 135 825 or via email at


Language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills relate to how we communicate with each other. LLN skills are often, but not always, used at the same time.

Mastery Institute Australia (MIA) recognises the importance of basic skills in English language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN).

Mastery Institute Australia is committed to achieving access and equity requirements by providing language, literacy and/or numeracy assistance where identified.

Students undertaking Mastery Institute Australia courses require language, literacy and numeracy capacity equivalent to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).


LLN comprises Reading-Writing-Numeracy-Learning -Oral Communication (R,W, N ,L, OC), for students to be able to participate actively and effectively in any Course.


Improving basic skills will also assist in breaking down barriers for students in communicating with their trainers, peers and in the workplace.


Mastery Institute Australia recognise that not all individuals have the same skills in Reading-Writing-Numeracy -Learning-Oral Communication.


MIA offers confidential student assessment of LLN levels and tailored Student LLN support options.

For further information click on Student Support Services section contained in the MIA Domestic or International Student - Handbooks or contact MIA support staff directly on 1300 135 825 or E-mail:

The website features online quiz forms, dedicated to motivate students to work hard to win specific reading accomplishments. 
This website contains many exercises in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The materials for reading in English available for every age and divided into 3 levels – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced. Materials are able to download for free. 
The website contains lots of writing exercise. The system will automatically provide review and feedback after submission. Students should s undertake the exercises and aim for higher level. 

The website features quizzes for different mathematics skills. Materials are available for download.

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